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Gluing Corrugating Machine

Price : INR 450,000.00 / 450000 Piece(s)

â»GM-C double glue machine

â»Structural featuresï¼

âafter quenched of the glue roller surface,the hole machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved anilox pit type, coating evenly, less consumption of plastic

âglue roller turns is controlled by the frenquency motorï¼by inverter control ensures glue roller line speed synchronous machine with double machineï¼they can operate independentlyã

âelectromotion adjustmentdisplay the glue amountãAutomatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation, viscosity stabilityã

âPneumatic structure platen gap by electric tuningãOn the next floor are made independent variable frequency motor driveã

âtake the speed signal of the double facer,so as to synchronous operation with it. Man-machine interface display, easy operation

âamount of glue automatic adjustment controlï¼amount of glue automatic adjustment with the produce speed, in automatic mode, you can also get in manual tuning.

â»regular technical parametersï¼

effective widthï¼1600mm               2ãoperation directionï¼left or rightï¼Determined in accordance with the customer's facility)

3ãhighest design speedï¼150m/min             4ãair source systemï¼0.4—0.9Mpa

5ãtemperature range of the preheaterï¼150—200â         6ãsteam pressureï¼1.12—1.3Mpa

7ãequioment sizeï¼Lmx3.3*Wmx1.4*Hmx2.7        8ãsingle weightï¼MAX40000Kg

â»Roller diameter parametersï¼

1ãglue rollerï¼ï¿ 269mm    Fixed paste rollerï¼ï¿ 140mm

2ãbottom preheat rollerï¼ï¿ 402mm  up preheat rollerï¼ï¿ 374mm   the paper rollerï¼ï¿ 110mm

â»Power motors and electrical parametersï¼

1ãglue roller initiative frenquency motorï¼3KW            380V     50Hz    Continuous (S1) working standard

2ãglue amount adjustment reducerï¼    250W           380V     50Hz    shortï¼S2ï¼working system

3ãpressure roller gap adjustment motorï¼  250W           380V     50Hz    shortï¼S2ï¼working system

4ãglue pump motorï¼         2.2KW           380V     50Hz    Continuous ï¼S1ï¼working system

â»Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and originï¼


Name of main parts

Brands or place of origin


Glue roller and Fixed paste roller


45Quenching steel

Preheat roller

Tiangang or jigang

Q235B container board




Sear belt bearing

Zhejiang wuhuan


Pneumatic elements

Zhejiang sonorCSM



France  Schneider


Air switch

France  Schneider





Adjust glue reducer

Taiwan chengbang


Main reducer

Tanwan chengbang


Touch screen



PLCand franquency machine

Taiwan delta








Lose glue dispensing pumps

Hebei botou



Gluing Machine 450000

Additional Information

Product Code 009
Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Port China
Payment Terms T/T, Other
Delivery Time 30Days
Packaging Details Container Load

General Specifications

Working width mm 1600
Direction Left or right, according to customer
Mechanical speed 150mm/min
Temperature 130~200oC
Steam pressure
0.45 t/h
Compressed Air 0.4~0.9MPa


The performance index may be variant according to the below situation:

  • Quality of paper mill
  • Steam saturation level
  • Condensed water drain flow
  • Glue quality 

Roller Diameter

Name of Roller Diameter Treatment
Pre-heater roller 400mm Hard Chrome and grinding
Paper guiding roller 120mm Hard Chrome and grinding
Contact roller 120mm Hard Chrome and grinding
Engraving roller 254mm Hard Chrome and grinding
Gluing roller 150mm Hard Chrome and grinding


Motor Voltage Property Power Working mode
Main drive motor 380V AC 1600mm --
2.2Kw*2 pics S1
Motor for glue quantity adjustment 380V DC 100w S2
Glue pump motor 380V AC 1.5Kw S3

Note : S1 is of constant working mode; S2 is of non constant working mode. 


Total Capacity
Width 1600mm self-drive
Capacity Double side 6.1Kw


Power :  5~15Kw  380VAC   50Hz  3×15~3×40A